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Create Culinary Masterpieces with Common Pantry Staples

Create Culinary Masterpieces with Common Pantry Staples

If you're eager to tap into your inner chef from our Downtown LA apartments, here are a few tips for taking your cooking to the next level.

Collect Those Recipes

A narrow range of options often stymies home chefs. They can only think of two ways to use carrots, so they exhaust those two recipes and grow sick of carrots. However, there are millions of ways to use carrots. Someone who collects many recipes will gain experience in many cooking styles.

Practice Basic Techniques

Home economics used to be a standard class for students throughout their school years. The number of people who take the course now has declined. This makes basic techniques a mystery for some people. Anyone improving their cooking should look up videos or books on cooking terminology and chopping techniques. Learning the basics makes recipes easier to interpret

Research Those Substitutes

We all run out of the basics sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on a recipe you’ve been meaning to try. Luckily, substitutes can replace many necessary ingredients for popular meals. For instance, milk and vinegar replace buttermilk and applesauce can stand in for egg or butter. The type of substitution you make depends a little on the recipe, and you may have to get creative with your changes. Who knows, you might even improve the original recipe.

If you are interested in cooking in a new kitchen, City Lights on Figs has the perfect apartments for you to see. Contact us to take a virtual tour.