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Check Out These Popular Parks in LA

Check Out These Popular Parks in LA

A picnic or a stroll through the park is a fantastic way to connect with nature while keeping a safe social distance. Luckily, there are some truly beautiful parks near our apartments in downtown LA. If you love being outside, visit these spots for a breath of fresh air.

Grand Hope Park

Designed as “a collection of outdoor rooms,” Grand Hope Park is a gorgeous area of the city. It is across from the South Park region and has a playground and plenty of benches to rest on. The lawn is great for having an afternoon nap or enjoying a picnic spread on the weekend.

Exposition Park

Exposition Park is also known as the Expo Center. A rose garden is on the park grounds, which adds some great personality to the urban area. Not only is it a great spot to enjoy nature, but you can also get a taste of culture and history. Its educational attractions include the California Science Center, the National History Museum of Los Angeles, and the California African American Museum.

Elysian Park

Located in Central LA, Elysian Park is one of LA’s oldest parks. It has many scenic features, including some excellent running and biking trails. The park functions as a beautiful place to get away from the bustling city for a while.

Temescal Gateway

Temescal Gateway is located in the Pacific Palisades. This Santa Monica park has picnic tables, easy-going trails, and 141 acres of oak and sycamore canyons. It’s a great park to visit if you’re in the mood to explore.

Whether you love exploring local museums or enjoying one of these lovely parks, our conveniently located apartments in downtown LA are a wonderful place to call home. Contact us to learn more about how you can join our community.