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The Best Cafés in Los Angeles

The Best Cafés in Los Angeles

No morning is complete before you've had a strong cup of Joe. If you're looking for something beyond your ordinary, homemade mug, ordering from a café is a great option. Luckily for residents of our downtown Los Angeles apartment community, coffee is in demand — these three local cafés have the best brews in the city.


This coffee bar is all about minimalism. Tilt Coffee Bar offers up simplistic drinks that are packed full of flavor. They specialize in traditional espresso drinks, and also offer several original combinations. Herbal teas, seasonal drinks, and fresh pastries are also available. This café is ideal for fans of simple, bold coffee, crafted from the finest beans. Takeout is available, as well as an outdoor patio.


This whimsical coffee shop will please your palate and give you a much needed caffeine boost! Nimbus Coffee is a café for the modern witch or wizard, with every drink based around their theme of magic. Their brews are made fresh daily from locally-sourced beans, and dripped to perfection either warm or over ice. With a wide variety of milks, creams, and flavors to add in, you can customize your drink any way you like, or you can choose a pre-made recipe from their menu. Their coffee is currently available for delivery or takeout. Even better, their upcoming subscription service will let you have your favorite drinks brought to your door three times a week, each with a fresh pastry! For those who like a story with their drink, Nimbus Coffee is the place to go.


Eightfold Coffee is located on the historic Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Los Angeles. Their menu features classic espresso drinks, coffee creations, and a variety of matcha drinks and teas, including an assortment of pastries and sweets. Every signature recipe is handcrafted with the modern coffee connoisseur in mind. This shop is an innovator for healthy and delicious drinks. Here, enjoy all the flavors you crave without the guilt of indulgence. Delivery and pickup are both available, so you can safely order your next favorite brew today.

While you are sipping on your warm drink, why not virtually explore one of these local museums and enjoy some fine art?

Los Angeles is a thriving city, and there's no limit of shops to support or places to visit. Even virtually, you will never run out of places to explore. If you're interested in joining our apartment community, contact us today to learn more.