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3 Nonprofit Organizations to Support in Los Angeles

3 Nonprofit Organizations to Support in Los Angeles

Local non-profits are working hard to make the community a better place. Many residents of our downtown LA apartments enjoy giving back to a meaningful cause. If you want to lend a helping hand, these local organizations are well-worth supporting. Here are some non-profit organizations in Los Angeles that could use your support:


This important local charity has been helping homeless people in Los Angeles since 1985. Shelter Partnership collaborates with community-based organizations to provide crucial services and resources for people without reliable housing. In 2020 alone, Shelter Partnership collected and distributed over 15 million dollars worth of essential items, including diapers, clothing, personal care products, shoes, and cleaning supplies. You can support Shelter Partnership's mission by donating physical items or making a donation.


The overpopulation of cats has resulted in many kitties ending up on the street. Stray Cat Alliance has a comprehensive spay and neutering program that is attempting to resolve this problem. The organization is also dedicated to saving the lives of stray cats and providing them with a loving home. You can help the kitties out by adopting a stray cat, volunteering with SCA, or by making a monetary contribution.


The motto at this heartwarming organization is "Neighbors Helping Neighbors." Westside Pacific Villages connects volunteers with vulnerable seniors that need a little bit of help. The goal is to help older adults stay in their own homes and remain independent. Volunteers with the organization can help with shopping for groceries, providing transportation to the doctor, or running errands. These simple acts of kindness mean the world to the seniors that depend on them. You can support the organization by donating or by becoming one of the volunteers. Just make sure to mask up and social distance!

For other ways to support the local community, check out our blog. We also have ideas for things to do in the city, including parks to visit near our downtown LA apartments. You can learn more about City Lights on Fig by contacting us.